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  1. Brian Miller
    Brian Miller at · Reply

    Hi Phil,
    met you the other day at jungle jims then later playing frisbee. hit me up on your way to the east cape. there is a bar out there called Zac’s its in zacatiotos just past punta gorda if you are coming from san jose del cabo. you can ask the bar owners where my place is if you want to stop by. i dont have any sleeping area for you two but have a shower and bathroom you could use. maybe we can get a moto in as well.

  2. Colin
    Colin at · Reply

    Hi jayne,following your blog looks like a great trip, the baja is a nice ride, if your headin to Cabo San Lucas, a good place to stay is Los Patios, was quite reasonable. Also check out Hotel California in Todo Santos, good food.

    1. Jayne
      Jayne at · Reply

      Thanks Colin. Not sure we’re going that far South but if we do we’ll check them out. :-)

  3. garry dymond
    garry dymond at · Reply


    I just saw a post from you on HU If you are interested in coming to Mexico City we can probably put you up and show you around.


    1. Jayne
      Jayne at · Reply

      Thanks Garry! I think we’re going to skip Mexico City as we were there in September, but if we change our minds you will be the first to know!

  4. Jonathan miller
    Jonathan miller at · Reply

    What up somehow I deleted your email address. I finally got my bike 2005 klr 650 480 miles on her. Got it pretty cheap; it had been sitting in a garage for years. When I get up to around 80 mph it starts to wobble; any suggestions? I’ll send some pictures

  5. Marco
    Marco at · Reply

    Always a joy to read your blogs! Thanks for taking the time to write about your experiences.

  6. Jeannie Dettori
    Jeannie Dettori at · Reply

    Loved your last blog on “Living like you are dying….” unfortunately for some reason there was no leave a comment section at the bottom of it for me to leave a comment this time…..

    Anyway, glad all is continuing to go well, so sorry about the loss of your “Auntie Rose.”

    Meanwhile continue to live your life to the full, we were put on this earth to enjoy life and live it abundantly… and that means knowing how to appreciate our surrounding, the people we meet on our life’s path, sharing the joy and sometimes grief and disappointment and being grateful for having our family. blood is always thicker than water. Love as always and just love reading your blogs. Auntie xxxx

    Love, Auntie.

  7. Juan Carlos Vacaflor
    Juan Carlos Vacaflor at · Reply

    Hello!! I hope you guys are ok and riding safe. I am a 41 ytears old enduro rider (KTM) and planing now to travel south america in a KLR with mi wife. If you came to Bolivia, please feel free to call me and maybe have a couple of nigths at mi home (free of course, :)….
    Please get in touch and I can set for you some activities including, the service for your Kawis, and some short travels around La Paz for you. Hope see you soon.

    Juan Carlos
    Cel 591 2 767 76703

  8. patrick
    patrick at · Reply

    hello from patrick and patricia take care for the grip near tena its very coldddddddd buenas suerte

    1. Phil
      Phil at · Reply

      Mucho gusto a conocerte ustedes! Great to meet you on the road, hope to cross paths again!

  9. Manuel Mendez Warren
    Manuel Mendez Warren at · Reply

    Hi Phil and Jayne, I recently read your blog at Huffpost Alberta and it really touched me to know of your hardships here in Panama( and yeah, even for local people, Colon is too dangerous).
    I’m 31 years old and also a motorcycle rider and I want to immigrate to Calgary, Alberta with a childhood friend (also a rider). We also have 2 Kawasaki bikes: 2008 Ninja 650R, 2014 Ninja 1000. I want to know about our chances of making it there by road and how to deal with paperwork to cross US.

    1. Phil
      Phil at · Reply

      Hi Manuel,
      my previous reply seems to have been lost in our blog update, so I’ll try again:
      Your chances of making it by road are very good. There are reasonable roads to choose from the whole way up. Your ninja’s may need comfortable seat covers to save your bums for the long hours though! Paperwork needs for all countries along the way are pretty easy to find at
      If you do stop in Calgary, be sure to send us a message!

  10. Gaila
    Gaila at · Reply

    Hi Jayne – I’m a female motorcyclist from Seattle, Washington USA who, like you, has been featured on Global Women Who Ride project with Rashmi Tambe.

    I wanted to introduce myself and also comment that I enjoyed reading your stories. I’m so proud of all the amazing women riders throughout the world who are breaking down barriers and becoming one of the fastest growing demographics in the motorcycle industry. It is my pleasure to be in the company of incredible women like you.

    Aside from being a Global Women Who Ride “sister” I wanted to share some info with you about a new motorcycle community I have recently launched. Being avid travelers, I think you’ll find it a pretty cool community. I would love to have an opportunity to chat and share :)

    1. Jayne
      Jayne at · Reply

      Hi Gaila! Thanks for stopping by our blog sister. :-)

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