Aztecs and Mayans and Mexicans. Oh My!

Aztecs and Mayans and Mexicans. Oh My!

There are hundreds of pyramids in Mexico. This is something I had never considered. I naively always thought of Pyramids as being Egyptian. Our 4 days in Mexico City taught me very clearly that this is not the case!

Couldn’t be further away from Egypt…

We were lucky to have Oscar (in the pink shirt above) as our tour guide. He’s a licensed guide and took us to all the most important sights in Mexico City. The picture above is the Teotihuacan pyramids. On the left is the Pyramid of the Moon, and on the right is the Pyramid of the Sun. Phil found the Pyramid of the Sun inspired him to meditate.

Levitating Meditating

These pyramids were not used as burial sites, and also they built a new one on top of the old one every 52 years. (A century in those days). This practice has meant that the inside of the pyramids has been preserved fairly well.

Yay! Pyramids!!

The stairs up the sides were uneven and pretty steep, that didn’t stop Phil from running up and down them while I felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest. Note to self: must exercise more!

Stairs, stairs and more stairs!

Oscar also took us to see the Basilica, which actually consisted of an old cathedral that is falling over due to soft ground and frequent earthquakes, and a new cathedral which seats 10,000 people and has the robes of a saint framed as a relic. There is a picture of the Virgin Mary on them that appeared when he was asking the priests to build the Basilica.

Oscar tells us that in December, on the anniversary of this miracle, 5 million people make a pilgrimage to that area.

I’m of two minds about all this religious fever. I like that people have beliefs that bring them comfort and a sense of belonging. However I find it all a bit too much of a “show”. Like those people are doing these things because they are expected too, or to show others how religious they are.

In any case it was a beautiful area. I especially liked the park and the cacti.

The evening before we’d been served this kind of cactus with our fajitas.

The last evening Ed invited us to attend a banquet being held in honour of the new Shriners who were being initiated that day.

It was a nice event held at a posh hotel. We didn’t quite have black tie outfits with us, but we made do with what we had, Phil bought a new shirt, and we enjoyed ourselves none the less.

At the banquet with Ed and his good friends Carlos and Paulina

Ed taught us a new dance, which we are going to be sure to do everywhere we go:


Phil has replaced the kill switch on his bike. We’re hoping that was his problem and so are going to do a test ride to the Hoover Dam this afternoon and hopefully head out to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.

We can’t possibly thank Ed enough for his unending generosity. Our time in Las Vegas and Mexico City has been made amazing thanks to him!