Mexican Diversion

Mexican Diversion

Now this is the story all about how our life got flipped, turned upside down.

Once upon a time we needed somewhere to stay in Vegas. It just so happens that our very good family friend Howard, who I stayed with on my way to Vancouver, has a friend who has a place in Vegas. Ed was the man who kindly brought my first helmet up to Canada for me when I discovered Shoei doesn’t allow US companies to ship their products to Canada.

A couple weeks ago I sent Ed a text asking for recommendations of cheap places to stay near the strip. Little did I know that one text message was to be the start of a great adventure!

Ed is one of the kindest, most generous and most inspirational people I have had the good fortune to meet. When I texted him that day he insisted that we stay in his suite at the MGM. It has been a wonderful place to stay, and had the added bonus of being very close to where my British friends were staying.

Ed had recommended a diner to go eat at, which we did on my birthday. While we were there he sent us a text asking if we’d like to go visit the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Mexico City. Now we’ve been warned that traffic in Mexico City is awful, but we could easily make it part of our route, so we agreed that we’d love to stop by on our way down through Mexico.

We were in the taxi to the theatre when Ed clarified – he didn’t mean for us to go on our bikes – he was inviting us to go with him on Thursday!!!

In true ultimate ride fashion we immediately agreed.

We fly down tomorrow, back Sunday. Another wonderful and unexpected change of plans that can only add to the adventure.

Ed is taking us to Mexico city! The advice from many folks we’ve spoken to was not to go there on our bikes. So we are taking that advice.