Oh my Heck!

Oh my Heck!

Well oh my Heck my motorbike has sure been a doozy recently. Golly gosh the electricals sure aren’t following the teachings of Joseph Smith at all now are they?

We’re in Salt lake City, and my bike hasn’t been this temperamental this entire trip. Almost has a full breakdown and quit on the way in, but stuttered through it.

House with bed. Garage with tools. “need a place to crash?”: why yes, yes we do.

We’re staying at Jayne’s old amature radio friend Brian’s house and it has been a God send. Brian and his wife have been amazing hosts feeding and watering us while I use their garage. Thanks!

Fully tore apart the bike for the 4th time in 2 days, this time cracking open the engine case to fully follow all possible wires to check for damage. Nothing.

Bare wire grounding on frame hook? I’ve been looking for you…

I discovered a bare wire grounding on the frame right before Yellowstone during the first tear down, and couldn’t have been happier. It was exactly what our friend Colton had suggested might be the problem, and lo and behold: a bare wire. Christ I was happy. Like all happiness, it was short lived. During a later tear down when I opened up half the wiring harness to trace wires, I would find out that I had just fixed the wire leading to my horn. I always worked anyways. Beep Beep!

One of these things is not like the other…

This morning Jayne went to a Kawasaki dealer and talked with some mechanics. While there, she had them install her new tire and mentioned my issues. They discussed all that had been done, things that had been swapped and the mechanics also concluded it was likely electrical. Jayne doesn’t stop raving about how great they were, they even found that she had broken her exhaust and got her a new one at below cost. If you’re stuck in Salt Lake with bike trouble,  hit up Duff’s racing in American Fork. They also set me up with a new ignition coil to try. If this works, I’ll owe them my trip. Thanks guys!

It looks different than stock and I had to Macgyver it in, but it works. So far.

Frustration has been my life since the misfiring started up again. I’ve been running on a short fuse and blowing up often. My language has not been befitting of the state of Utah. So I best get the fork out of here before God of latter day saints smites me.

The only real upside to the past couple days? Jayne has dropped her bike a couple times. Score now 8-7. I’m only up by one!

On to Vegas! We’ll see how this goes…

Nothing like a cool dropsicle on a hot day

Jayne working on her thigh muscles to help with her jumping photos.







Why see old faithful when you can just jump in front of the sign with your freshly strengthened thigh muscles?