Stuck in Yellowstone

I’m currently sitting in a Campground in Gardiner just outside Yellowstone National Park. I’m watching Phil work on his bike in the now familiar position of tank off, seat off, guts exposed.


The relaunch of our journey was going so very well up until yesterday afternoon at about 4pm. We made such good time in our way down towards Las Vegas that we decided to reward ourselves with a quick trip through Yellowstone. We have fond memories of Yellowstone’s geysers from a family trip when we were kids you see.

Phil was delighted to be off the interstate, well that is until the dreaded thing happened – his engine gently started missing. AGAIN!

It got worse much more quickly than the last time, to the point that we had to pull over on the side of the road and try to locate the problem.

Long story short, 5 hours later we had not managed to fix it. We limped into Gardiner and after discovering that there are no vacant campsites in the park, camped at one here.

The biggest frustration is that we made it hundreds of kilometres without a problem! Something we did in Calgary fixed it – but it has returned. If only we knew what!