Afterburner ablaze

Afterburner ablaze

Well, my bike works. So that’s nice. Good timing too, because we have to hit the road again tomorrow (wait… today. It’s been a long night)

Little tea house on the Playa. My favourite camp this year.

Jayne’s post “A World Beyond Imagination“ captures Burning man as well as you can in writing, so I won’t double up. I remember the absolute awe from my first burn last year. It was fun to watch Jayne experience the same. While we were in the same place, we had quite separate journeys.

Unicorns not only exist, they soar in front of gas guzzling trucks


This is true for most everyone at the burn. There is simply so much going on that you can’t even take in 1% of it all, but that 1% is quite the mind bender. For me, this years burn had quite an introspective aspect. Many people go to Burning man hoping to “find themselves”. I didn’t like what I found. Without getting into details (perhaps another time), the experience has left me with some heartache and soul searching, and I hope getting back on the bikes will help. And I can do that now since my bike runs!

In the past couple days I have been on FIRE with repairs and such:

-Changed the spark plug, cap and cable

-Inspected the entire wiring harness for worn wires

This may be the root of my problems. But I “fixed” so much all at once we’ll never truly know.

-Changed the Carbuerator jets and needle back to stock.

-Cleaned out the Carb

-Cleaned the airbox and Air filter ( and it was diiiiiiiirrrrrrty)

While it may not have the character of the cardboard, this new windshield actually shields me from the wind. Also somewhat pictured: new gas can cage!

-Replaced my rusted out signal light that caused much mosquito tainted grief back in Lliard hot springs

-Bent my ammo cans back to where they belong after so many drops and the crash.

-Built a new windshield out of lexan, said goodbye to my cardboard one.

-Had a new gas can cage built and bolted on (thanks dad!)

-Developed my long-time pondered boot ventilation “system”. Not yet tested. I’ll update as I get some results. I can’t wait.

-Replaced my broken Speedo cable.

I’ve left the Milk jugs as they are. They’ve really proved themselves over time and aged well on the bike. Plus they’re all class.

I burned through a lot of work on the bike to get ready to go again, but I haven’t packed my clothes yet and it’s now 5am. Perhaps I’ll go get on that one.