Being Home, Buying a Home to go Home!

There is nothing like spending a month on the road to make you appreciate the comforts of home. Especially when your mother is there to cook for you.

Phil and I have been back at our parent’s house in Calgary, Alberta for five days. It has not been a relaxing stop here because we have been desperately trying to organise everything so that we can get to the Burning Man festival in the Northern Nevada desert, which starts Sunday night.

We’ve made the difficult decision to leave the motorbikes here, and to come back after the festival to pick them up and continue on our trip. Phil’s intermittent bike troubles, the fact we need to bring well over 100 litres of water with us, as well as our friend Vanny, and that we would have had to leave Calgary on Thursday to get there in time were all factors that led us to this decision.

Once we came to this conclusion, we needed to find a vehicle to get us all down there. Bearing in mind that we only had 4 days, we were pretty desperate, and as we’re not working, we were also trying to find something cheap, cheap, cheap!! (Or our favourite price – free).

We didn’t get anything for free, but we did buy a brand new home on wheels. A 1979 GMC pick-up truck with a camper in the back.

Our new home on wheels!

It’s probably going to drink gas like it’s going out of fashion, and it is somewhat like driving a boat down the street, but we love it. The guy who we bought it from, Corey, is our favourite person of the week, as he did us a brilliant deal, and of course, he is a motorcyclist! (Thanks again Corey if you’re reading this!)

The past few days have consisted of buying parts for our bikes, including a trip to Strathmore where another great motorcyclist was parting out an old KLR, and buying costumes and supplies for the festival.

The BBQ on Wednesday night we held for friends and family was a huge success, and my friend Michelle brought the most delicious salad, made mostly of vegetables she had grown herself. YUM!!!

This morning we had to get insurance for our new toy, and were lucky enough to call Maria at Alpine Insurance. I have never called someone so helpful, fun and awesome. And she got us insured in under an hour.

Tomorrow one of my best friends, Kate, is getting married. I had thought I would not be able to go to her wedding, however our new schedule means that I am able to. Yay!!

After the wedding we are going to hit the road, and drive pretty much straight through, switching up drivers as often as we need too.

Burners refer to Black Rock City as “home”. I am excited to go “home” for the first time. Especially as we’ll be driving there in our other new home!