A mistake or the best decision I’ll ever make?

This week my boss asked me to accept a vice president role here in London. I declined.

I turned down a very good promotion because money and power are less important to me than expanding my horizons.

It’s amazing the range of reactions I get when I tell people my decision. Most people are excited for me and say something to the effect of “I wish I could do what you’re doing.”

However this week one of the senior vice presidents sat me down and told me what a mistake I was making by turning down this promotion. To him the money was more important than the chance for adventure. He thought a couple vacations a year were more than sufficient. I found it quite shocking to hear this opposite point of view. I almost felt like he was insulted that I was declining an invite to this “club” – that my values were so opposite to his own. Of course for a person with a family, a mortgage, and a strong desire for stability, priorities are different. Surprisingly my aunt also had a similar reaction – she thought I was being rash turning down such a good job.

In the end – a job is still a job. Still means travelling to the office every day and working. No matter how much you get paid for it or what your job title is – it’s not experiencing new cultures from the back of a kawasaki! This whole experience has focused my mind. It has proven to me that I am absolutely committed to this trip, and having that proven to me in such a extreme way can only be a good thing. As for whether my boss knowing my plan is a good thing – well watch this space…