The things we know: Limping home.

Once upon a time, we KNEW the world was flat.

Once upon a time, we KNEW the sun revolved around the earth.

Once upon a time, we KNEW that second hand smoke didn’t harm anyone.

Once upon a time, we KNEW that my bike’s CDI was faulty because I took it from Jayne, and hers was faulty. Once upon a time we KNEW that a replacement CDI would cure my problems.

Well, I do know that Jayne cruised along smoothly while I limped my bike home into Calgary late last night. With a new CDI inside… Perhaps st-st-stuttering home is more accurate.  Against all efforts of my motorcycle to quit, Jayne and I have finally arrived at our parents house where we grew up.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Back in Fairbanks Jayne and I swapped CDI’s to rule out that being her bikes intermittent starting issue. Swapped and cured! Now “Cricket” runs perfectly. For a while my bike ran well too!

Confusing as it was, swapping CDI’s left both bikes running great. Then on the second day after leaving Fairbanks, I started to feel misfires. Very occasionally at first, but building to near-constant debilitating misses by the time we neared Edmonton a few days later. The lurching felt vicious at times, even costing me the master-link clip on my chain along the way. I called my friend Nathan. We needed a favour.

Nathan and I have been buddies since grade 3. We go back.  So him saying yes to ride up to Edmonton was natural. Nate picked up the part from Jayne’s friend Craig, and we met Nate in Leduc. It was a happy moment swapping out those CDI’s in a Husky gas station parking lot. My poor bike had been struggling intermittently for days now. Relief was overdue, but the struggle would continue.

Within minutes of leaving Leduc, the misfiring returned. I tried to ignore it at first, since it I knew it wasn’t possible. We KNEW the problem was Jayne’s broken CDI that was switched into my frame. The frustration was immense. This wasn’t POSSIBLE. We had fixed the problem, so it wasn’t conceivable to still have these misfires.

We KNEW it.

We were wrong.

There are 3 days for repair work and preparation before we need to leave for Burning man. We have until then to KNOW something else as the problem. For now, we’ll enjoy some delicious home cooking for a few days. Soon we’ll work on that motor. and maybe replace my windshield. Maybe.

Here’s some pics and tales from the last few days since we left Fairbanks: