A successful day... with bursts of pure, refined, searing pain.

A successful day… with bursts of pure, refined, searing pain.

I started today with a shot of brake cleaner in my eye.

There was nowhere to go but up from there.

15 minutes of flushing with water and my eye is fine. I must say there’s no feeling quite unsettling as when watching pure chemical streaming into your eyeball.

After that I got a lot done. Everything actually. I did everything on my list. And now my bike runs. And the broken pieces are re-assembled or patched together. Everything flowed really well after that brake cleaner in the eye.

Until I hammered my thumb with the back of a hatchet. Profanity uttered.

But then I played ultimate! And all feelings of negativity started to release. This might be the turn that takes this ride back on course to being the ultimate ride. How? Well I played ultimate, and now our bikes work* so we can ride.

We plan to do just that tomorrow.

Some photo’s from the day:


*Jaynes bike is still temperamental. We still don’t know what is wrong.