Two months later, the siblings re-unite! Comodoro Rividavia, Argentina.

Two months later, the siblings re-unite! Comodoro Rividavia, Argentina.

Jayne and I split up just after Christmas to allow me to wait for my clavicle to recover in Cusco. Two months later, I’d ridden from the north to the south of Argentina in 6 days, and was about to finally catch up. I’d been sending messages to Jayne every few days, but with spotty internet access and spottier SPOT tracking, keeping track of each others movements was best left to our father, who art in Canada, hallowed be thy computer skills.


Jayne had been watching my rapid decent south, while trickling along herself. (Note: Jayne is off travelling again, so will write her side of the travels a little later) Jayne met up with our amigo Ian and hung out together at “Porno Pedro’s” place in Comodoro Rivadavia for a couple days to wait for Joe and I to roll up. How did Porno Pedro get his moniker? Well, his name is Pedro and…

Properly in Patagonia, Joe and I were properly experiencing the notorious strong winds and dead straight roads. Tedious riding down the #3 highway. Both of us looking forward to the ride back up, taking the famed “Ruta 40″ instead.

700km in a nice cross wind. p.s. Mapquest is best for Argentina.

700km day in a nice cross wind. p.s. Mapquest is best for Argentina.


Riding past all those clouds... then further.

Riding past all those clouds… then further.


700km in heavy crosswind conditions is a bit of a slog. Slowed waiting for gas in the morning, slowed again in the afternoon where the truck was just filling up the tanks at the gas station. We took a lunch break to wait it out, after which Joe hopped on “Sixto” and rode right up to the pumps which had now opened… past the long line of local cars wrapped around the block. If they noticed, which Joe didn’t, at least nobody gave us grief about it. Gas not guaranteed in Argentina. Get it while you can.


We rolled into Comodoro Rividavia after dark, not quite sure where we were going. Jayne had given us loose directions, but street signs are a novelty, and it was night time. Unbeknownst to Joe and I, Jayne had been receiving fairly regular text message updates of our progress. Our father who art in Canada had been closely following my SPOT track online. Sadly our track petered out the closer Joe and I got to town.¬† The SPOT tracker has a reputation of being “spotty” the further south you go. There are simply not many satellites covering that sparsely populated part of the world. Regardless, Jayne was posted near the only road into the city while attending a conveniently timed “moto-encuentro”. After we cruised by unawares, Jayne and Ian came running down the road screaming after us. A well positioned red light held us up long enough for them to get our attention. The Davidson’s reunite!

Jayne, Joe, Phil and Ian flanked by a couple welcoming Argentinians!

Jayne, Joe, Phil and Ian flanked by a couple welcoming Argentinians! Safety reflectors and flash photography don’t mix.


Jayne gets to meet shitty-blue-boot for the first time.

Jayne gets to meet shitty-blue-boot for the first time!


A much needed beer went down a treat, with tons of folks who were neat to meet. After a dose of conversation it was time to eat, so we took off in a gang to go find a feast.


The KLR crew... and Joe on his Bonneville.

The KLR crew… and Joe on his Bonneville.


All you can eat empanadas, complete with choice video clips from Pedro's phone.

All you can eat empanadas, with a side of choice video clips from Pedro’s phone.


Pedro and Andrea were delightful hosts. Laughs abounded, and we graciously accepted the roof over our head after roughing it for days. Both veterinarians by trade, they worked in the morning, took siesta off then switched for the afternoon shift. Great set up for them and their two kids. The two year old, Felipe, had been practicing his new word “NO”. Great fun when they aren’t yours!

Joe and I might have been keen to stay another day to rest, but since Jayne and Ian had already waited an extra day for Joe and I to catch up, they were keen to get on the road. After a quick oil change down to 15w40 to cope with the impending colder weather, the gang got ready to ride the [disputed amount of] kms down to Ushuaia!

Meet the gang and their steeds, while I guess wrong at distances:


I was elated to be back riding with Jayne again. For a long while it seemed¬† impossible that my clavicle was going to heal up fast enough, and that Jayne would travel slow enough, for us to meet again before the bottom. I was looking forward to the final push to the bottom: to complete what we started, our “Ultimate ride”, together.



P.S. Dear Father who art in Canada, Happy 69th birthday! Thanks for all the support on our ride!