Status frustratingus

Don’t get me wrong, staying at Art’s place has been great. He cooks us food, takes us out to neat pubs and even chauffeurs us around when the bikes don’t work (or weren’t even here). We’ve got it good.

But that’s not what we came for. And what we came for, isn’t working.

Let me list the ways in which my bike makes me cry:

Broken Fairing

Broken Windshield

Blown right fork seal

Weak front brake

Stripped screws for the front brake fluid resevoir (can’t bleed the line)

Wires torn off fan switch

Dented, bent exhaust

Dented, bent and torn right panier box.

Disheveled speedo cable

Engine ignition cuts out when put in gear

Fix for above engine cut out working only intermittently

Things are coming along. I went for a ride to the post office, picked up a volt-meter and stopped in to pick up some for oil today. Only broke down twice! How did I fix it each? I bounced on the seat. Mechanic extraordinaire. I was destined to be bald at this point. If I still had hair I would have pulled it all out by now. Speaking of which, this is what I look like today:

My head isn’t itchy like my chest.