Moving On…

I’m feeling the urge to get back on the road.

Yes, I still sleep more than a two year old on a daily basis, and no, we haven’t definitively figured out what makes Cricket stop working once in a while, but I’m ready to move on.

Our host Art has been incredibly kind, however he must be wondering when these two Canadians who descended on him a week ago will finally leave.

We made a very difficult decision – we are not going to ride back up the Dalton highway this trip. We just can’t trust either of our bikes to make it, and we know the potential consequences of trying to make it up the longest stretch of unsupported highway in North America on unreliable bikes.

At the moment my bike is starting beautifully. The issue is we simply do not know how long it will last. One minute Cricket starts fine, the next, no go.  While the bike is working, it is impossible to figure out why sometimes it doesn’t.

Phil’s bike is misbehaving as well. He rode it to the shops this afternoon and on the way back it stopped. Now the engine dies when he puts it into gear. We’re trawling the internet for possible reasons and fixes. He also needs to fix the right front fork seal, which is leaking. (After we had the left one fixed before we left Fairbanks the last time).

So our mission now is to get the bikes in working order, and start our way down towards Argentina.

I feel better every day. I have a glorious technicolour bruise on the inside of my right thigh, just above the knee and my right elbow hurts at the slightest provocation, but I no longer forget things, and I am excited about what the rest of our trip will bring. I have decided that the bruise on my brain will be gone when the bruise on my thigh is gone, and will take it easy until then. It’s not every day you have an excuse to fall asleep whenever you feel like it in the middle of the day!