Arctic Accident

I don’t remember much about the past 2 days. I do remember being at the arctic circle, and it raining all night. Other than that it’s all pretty fuzzy.

I’m back in Fairbanks now. Today I spent a lot of time in the hospital because I had a concussion. I know that Phil and I were both riding his bike because mine stopped working again and we fell off because of a muddy rut. You’ll have to wait for him to post to get more details. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever passed out – I really don’t like the feeling of not remembering things. It’s very disconcerting!

I’m fine. Quite a lot of bruising, and I need a new helmet (I’m quite distraught by this as it as a lot of trouble getting the perfect helmet – no idea how I’ll get another one), but I’m eating and walking and talking. – nothing broken (well other than my brain).

We’re back at Art’s house. What a great guy. Our bikes are somewhere up north, apparently people will be bringing our bikes down to Fairbanks in a couple of days. We didn’t make it to prudhoe bay – we were only about 100 miles away Phil tells me. I don’t remember.

Not sure what we’re going to do now, we need to fix the bikes and get back on the road – but whether we still go up to the arctic ocean or not is still to be decided.

Definitely need to figure out why my bike keeps not starting. Extremely frustrating. Also Phil’s bike is injured from the crash so will need some work as well.

Guess we’ll be in Fairbanks for a while longer. We’ll post more info when we have it.