Repairs and bears in Lima, Peru. (p.s. there were no bears)

Riding to Lima was fantastic. Riding in Lima… Different story. Fortunately we ditched the bikes at the shop and took the bus most of our time there.

The ride to Lima from Huaraz is fantastic twisty mountain road than starts coooold and gets a little warmer with every hour you ride. By the time it’s hot, it’s also windy, and straight, and desert. We were happy when we finally arrived in Lima.

The traffic was bad. They simply don’t look when turning or changing lanes. A cabbie got a little too close to Jayne, and many others cut us off or tried merging into us. Our horns got a work out. Tom’s died. But all told, it wasn’t as bad as we had really been led to believe.

“That’s because it’s Sunday” said Jorge, our couch surf host.


We would stay with Jorge and his new puppy Eevie for our whole Lima stay. Great host and great help for telling us which busses to catch while our bikes were in the shop.


Jayne frenching toast during our stay


Specialty french toast for “breakfast” at Jorge’s


First item of buisness was to get the bikes in for some work. Crickets freshly cleaned fork seal was already leaking and Jayne has found her suspension a bit firm. I don’t like the way it feels either, but then I don’t ride cricket everyday.

Jugs needed new rubber, oil leak fix, and a fork oil change, while Suzy’s forks also were suspect.

Good thing we were leaving the bikes, the sidewalk was torn up while we were inside!


KLR’s abound at Endurance motors


Jugs gets a rear tire change (to Conti Escape), new valve cover gasket, and repairs to a broken fork spring.


500 soles later (200$) I was reunited with Jugs


With the bikes in at Endurance, we explored the city by bus.

We took a lot of combi-bus rides


Miraflores was quite nice, reminded me of Santa Monica in LA, and just as overrun with north american chain restaurants.


We worked out on the public gym equipment


mimiced statues and people mimicing statues


and waited for a gust of wind to blow a paraglider into a condo. We ran out of time.


Met Diego’s dad Carlos riding down the road in San Cristobal, Mexico. 8 months later we finally met up with Diego! For incredibly tasty, incredibly expensive burgers.


See bikes on the street? go in for a meet.


Come for the oil change, come back for the oil. Our new amigos had the worst possible experience when the oil wasn’t refilled after the shop did an “oil change” on one of their new KLR’s. Seize much? The rebuilt engine then failed AGAIN. They were none too impressed. Great folks, look forward to meeting them again.


Another bike shop in Lima, Mototech. Wish I could have taken Rodrigo up on his offer to use his shop space, but Machu Picchu beckoned.


“you know what this means? NOT. WELCOME!” Fitting, since we spent our time in Lima without our motos.


Took a brief visit to American soil when a pickup frisbee game was held at the American embacy!

Thanks Fred for helping set us up with the game, and to everyone for helping us get drunk afterwards!


Great chats over pizza and beers with Francis.


We made pancakes instead of waffles at Pat and Don’s in Oaxaca, Mexico, because Francis had the waffle iron. 8 months later, we met the waffle iron!


Once we had the bikes back, we did the one recommended tourist activity and went to visit the fountain park.

so much water


Running through fountains on the cool night was far more fun in rain gear.



Frolic in the fountain


When the speed of light meets the spray of water


so many lazers


Inside the fountain


How are we breathing under water?

Well worth it! I loved the spraying water!

We leave Lima after a productive stay, now to battle our way out of the city and on to Nazca to look at some lines in the sand…