The rides of Huaraz, Peru

Fun rides abound in Peru apparently. After Tom and I saved lives on our ride in Mancora, we now had another highly recommended ride in our sights. Something about a duck.

Several riders highly touted the “Cañon del Pato” as one of their favorite rides around, so it became a “must” for Tom and I. Jayne opted for the paved route, while Tom, Kelly and I set off to ride the “Cañon del Pato” (Duck Canyon). Not seeing any ducks was the only part close to a disappointment on the day.


Moon landscape ready tire pressures


Hot and hard packed for smoooooth riding


The bridge post police control check

At the turn off for the start of the Canyon, we stopped to eat a giant sandwich.


Largest expectation to disappointment ratio in history.

Called a “King Kong”, theoretically filled with Peanut Butter, Caramel and Pinapple jam. “King Kongs” were all over the place in Trujillo, and we saved this for the perfect moment. After a we each took a bite, I left it on the hood of a construction workers car. Hopefully he isn`t insulted. The King Kong was dry, difficult to eat, and the flavor layers were far thinner than advertised. That wasn`t a bad thing in the end, since the flavor layers were missing any good flavor.

Back to the ride.

or not

The king kong stop fortunately alerted me to my broken rack. I had felt the bike a touch unstable, as my rack must have been swaying side to side a little. I had just attributed it to the grave road. Luck would have it that only 3 minutes back was a little town, and there I found a welder.

Quick pit stop, 12 soles, and right back on the road.


Into the Canyon.


42 tunnels of varying length, all double dark inside. Powerful headlights recommended.


Riverside rest stop.


Don`t slip.


Dusty frosted tips. Thanks Tom for that.


Out of the cañon, after narrowly averting getting clipped by a bus (just nicked my elbow pad) we stopped in town for lunch.

Kids trying to steal a free ride on the tuk tuk. They were caught repeatedly.


While stopped for lunch, I adjusted my now quickly wearing chain, and then I noticed something a little off again with my boxes. Well that didn´t last long!

I guess 12 soles doesn`t buy real welding sticks


This guy had it all. Cut out the old weld, then welded in reinforcement rebar alongside the new weld. and it only cost 10 soles.


…and he was a fun guy! Muchas Gracias!


Leaving town we were greeted to the region with some stunning views.

Welcome to Huaraz


With our un-planned pit stops, Jayne had beaten us to Huaraz by a bit. We met up, found a hotel, then went for warm beer and vegetarian food. Note that I did not pick the restaurant. The warm beer was inexcusable, since it was so cold outside and inside that they must have actively TRIED to warm the beer before serving it.

Jayne and Kelly trying to look wise and distinguished with important things to say. Also: mocking me.


The next day Kelly and Jayne explored the town while Tom and I went for a ride in search of a nearby glacier. Basically looked at a map and said “we could get to that one, it has roads”. Fantastic roads.

Glacier, lake and music video locale extraordinaire.


Fantastic roads with many animals!


We really enjoyed ourselves


The ride wasn`t without its moments of excitement and peril. I had been taking video of Tom from across a valley, then rode off to catch up. Coming around a corner, I encountered this ass.

Ass being an ass.

I couldn`t quite stop in time, and very fortunately the ass reached extra hard for a tasty shrub just as I neared his tether. That motion raised the rope up just enough for me to duck under. Tom had also had a near catastrophe when he encountered the fellow.


Well worth the adversity, our goal in sight.


Just like home eh Tom?


Llaca lake, 4800 meters


We had a celebratory beer, then joined in with these fellows.

Band up at the heights for a music video!


They asked us to dance with them for part of their video.

Dancing at this altitude is really hard work. But due to the bad dancing and lack of oxygen, also hilarious.


Dancing done, we went for a dip to “cool off”.

The cooling action of the lake was very, very rapid.


Coming down from the lake, The band was taking their final shots for the video.


We had given the band a head start down the mountain, but a flat had us catch them up quickly. Not much we could do to help.


Long, delightful ride down.


The rides up and down were highlighted with many dog chases. Vicious little buggers.


I miiight have been picking on one said vicious bugger when I had a sudden blowout. Bad timing. Fortunately the pups were more bark than bite.

If I had to pick a location to have to change a tire, this would be up there on the list.


On our return to town, treated to a glorious evening.


I enjoyed Huaraz greatly, not to mention the ride just getting there! There are many, many other great day rides that could be done in the area. If we weren`t on a bit of a push to get to Cusco, I might have stayed to ride a few others.

Well the push for Cusco, and my rapidly balding TKC80 was now missing some lugs, no longer suited for more adventure rides.


A tire change was in my near future. We had been in touch with Endurance Motors in Lima, and all of us had some work to be done. Onwards to the land of courteous drivers: Lima!