Learning the Twist

Today’s broadcast is brought to you from Prince George, British Columbia.

The trip so far from Calgary

Phil wet his pants

We drove about 600km today, through beautiful hot sunny weather in the morning, and a thunder storm in the afternoon. We are learning lots as we go along. Such as Phil learnt that there is a reason his pants have a waterproof layer, and this is what happens if you don’t wear it when it’s raining.

I spent the first few hours learning how to corner at speed. The Duffy Lake Road was a great motorcycle road. Beautiful views and hardly any straight sections. This was my first experience with switchbacks and series of turns so Phil talked me through riding a good line and turning at the right point in the curve. Another lesson we learnt was that the Sena helmet intercoms we bought work best when the speakers are beside our ears, rather than behind them. (This took us hours of barely being able to hear each other to figure out.)

Last night we stayed with friends of Phil’s Seija and Potsy. They had a house in the forest outside of Pemberton.

Jayne and Potsy – we think.

Phil, Seija and part of one of Seija’s masterpieces.








Potsy suggested that we eat “one of the best burgers in the world” in Hixon at the Hixon Take-Out. It was a great suggestion. The burgers were grease-tastic and we met some kind locals, (Art, Carol and Les) who gave tips on where we might like to go next on our route. Some other burger-lovers stopped in and joined in with great tips of their own (names not written down, but thanks so much guys!).

Not tediously planning a route before we left is proving to be a solid plan. We would have completely altered it by our second day.

Prince George, BC

Nothing beats a good reuniting piggyback ride

Tonight we are staying with Phil’s Katimavik (RIP) friend, Aunt Pat.





Tomorrow we head, well, more north. Likely via Hudson’s Hope. But then we might meet someone at breakfast who has a different route for us entirely.

the first of many

Blown away by Jayne’s first full day of winding roads.