Together Again

I am in Vancouver. It’s raining.

I had a great two day ride to get here from Calgary. My first solo long ride. After all the stress if getting the bike ready and everything packed it was really nice to get on the road. I was quite emotional as I pulled away from my parents’ house. After so much planning, it’s finally happening!

Phil doesn’t have wifi at his house so this won’t be a long post but here’s a couple pictures from the past days.


Me and Cricket just before I left. There’s only just enough room for me on the bike!


Howard on his golf cart. Howard was instrumental in my parents getting together – I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for this lovely man! I stayed with Howard and his wife Gail in Kelowna on my way to Vancouver. They have a home in a holiday park there which was great. Went swimming twice and had a good sleep. Thanks for the hospitality!


Gail on the steps.

That’s the first 781km done. Now for the final preparations – get phil’s bike ready and packed, and move the rest of his stuff out of his house. We’d like to leave tomorrow, but Wednesday is probably more realistic. It’s great to be together again getting ready for the ultimate ride.