Last night I saved my last whale

Last night I saved my last whale. I saved him Free Willy style too, using a hoist and a big sling to take him to a better place.

That place: about a foot and a half further up in bed. I saved that whale about 5 times last night. Kept thrashing about and sliding back down in bed.

It was my last shift at work in St. Paul’s Emerg, and it was a perfect finish.

don’t lose focus, eye on the prize!

Patients screaming, drunks, overdoses, collapses, assaults… even a couple genuinely sick folks too! To start off on a good note, the triage nurse filled my section with 4 time consuming patients while other nurses had mostly empty beds. I’m sure they had a good chuckle while they gave me that goodbye present. To be fair, I would have done the same.

I worked with great staff at St. Paul’s, and had a lot of fun there. If I wind up back in Vancouver after all this, I’ll probably wind up back there again too.

…also: we had final shift popsicles. Thanks Maureen!