The Lows

I should be in Vancouver with Phil right now. I’m still in Calgary. The past couple of days have been some of the toughest. I had a few final things to do to prepare the bike. Change the spring on the rear shock, change the tires, install new chain and sprockets, mount the boxes, wire in a few more electrics. I naively believed it should have taken a day. It’s taken four so far.

This is how Cricket has looked over the past week. Back in one piece now.

There’s been swearing, frustration and tears, but also there’s been some amazing people helping me along the way as well. Craig, Vance, Sam and most of all my dad. Those guys have kept me sane and made everything better. Thank you all so much.

I apologise that I haven’t posted much. I should be in Kelowna tonight, and I will trying to write a long post or two about the past few weeks.