Helping to "Farm Sit": Finca Lilo, Costa Rica

Helping to “Farm Sit”: Finca Lilo, Costa Rica

Mahaley house-sits on a farm. E-I-E-I-O. And on that farm there are two dogs. E-I-E-I-O. With a “woof woof” here and a “woof woof” there… There must be some strangers on motorcycles coming up the road. Finca Lilo gave us a taste of the Costa Rican beauty the country is known for.

From the main farm house at Finca Lilo

I met Mahaley many moons ago after hopping into her brother’s truck (uninvited) while stuck in traffic on the way to a music festival. He was alone at the time and looked bored. He was. This random act would begin a friendship  that now spans all the way down to Costa Rica.

The ride to Mahaley’s farm-sit involved directions the old school way: “ride until you see tires in a tree, turn left there”. The GPS didn’t think we were on roads. Before we got to no roads, we took the #2 highway through a high mountain pass after leaving San Jose.

The sights were breathtaking, allegedly

Once we got off the windy foggy highway, Jayne didn’t love the gravel road especially the loose-rocked downhill parts, but she managed pretty well.


The ride was well worth it. The barking dogs were protecting an incredibly beautiful place.

Looking out over the Valley from our casita.

Our lovely host, the one, the only: the Mahaley.

Mahaley was dog/farm sitting while the owners were away. She cooked for the workers, milked goats, watered the vegetables and practiced her spanish all while keeping the puppies happy and fed. Timing worked out that we were able to visit, and our time at Finca Lilo was fantastic.

It’s hidden away in the south of Costa Rica, inland near the Panama border. There is absolutely nothing to “do” there! We walked around the farm, checked out the waterfall, and played with the dogs. It was just chill out, read, write blog posts, bake, make cheese and chat while drinking rum. Nothing is great!

Welcoming goat on a rock

Warming up for our walk to the waterfall

Resting in the forest, taking a break from our difficult lives

Jayne samples a lime cleverly disguised as an Orange.

Three amigos down by the Waterfall

To fill our days, we did lots of eating, and eating related activities:

“suck the slime off. It’s good”. It was very good!

Peeling beans. I threw a bean right into Mahaleys mouth from long range. I know. I was pretty impressed too.

Fresh bananas daily, right off the tree! You may note this is an organic farm.

Defending cinnamon buns. And yes, I did use the excuse of being on a farm to wear my Machete all day, every day.

Jayne making goats cheese. Thank you welcoming goat!

Why is Mahaley so happy to be cooking scrambled eggs?…

…because they aren’t sticking to the stainless steel pan anymore! The trick: rub the hot oiled pan with salt before adding the eggs. Thanks google!

Ok, that’s far more than enough food related pictures. What is this, Facebook?

When we weren’t doing eating related activities, we were reading writing or playing cards. Even taught Mahaley how to do the “riffle shuffle“!

Wearing the tiger costume really helped the learning process.

So we didn’t do lots; and yet we were always busy. It was a great stay. Before we left, Mahaley joined in for a travel workout.

10 push-ups, situps, rock-jumps and lunges. then 9. then 8, etc… for time.

I’ve found that my fitness has dropped a bit on this trip. Riding a motorcycle for hours then eating for four days straight on a farm doesn’t help. But in general this trip hasn’t been as ultimate frisbee or other sport filled as I had envisioned. A while back I set out to change this by doing short 5-10 minute workouts whenever I find myself staying somewhere with a shower. Riding for hours after a workout without said shower doesn’t bode well for whoever meets me at the next stop. I’ve thus dubbed these exercise sessions my “shower workouts”. People keep giggling when I tell them that, and few join in. Wierdos.

Perhaps Mahaley should have also turned down my invitation to join in doing my “shower workout”. She powered through the chafing though. That’s her bum crack you’re staring at btw.

It was a fantastic stay at Finca Lilo with Mahaley. We’re so glad she happened to be “farm sitting” while we were passing through Costa Rica. The days were sunny and relaxed and the nights provided light shows as storms rolled in.

I love nature’s light shows.

Sadly our four days at the finca were all over too soon, and after I tripped on the dog while trying to take a jumping picture, it was time to go.

Sorry puppy! Didn’t see you there.

Back to “Chepe” we went, this time to stay with Rolo. We traveled, surprisingly, on our motorcycles. Here are some photos of that happening.

Down the country road

Beautiful scenes. Beautiful scenes in Biolley, Costa Rica.

Back to San Jose!