A great goodbye to Guatemala – Antigua for the last time.

It was time to go.
Guatemala was great, but we had to be in Managua, Nicaragua by June 11th, when real-sized Kelly arrived. (Who is real-sized Kelly? Not Micro-Kelly). One last weekend in Antigua for some fun and Ultimate frisbee before we left, complete with surprise special guests!

We were fortunate that my friend Eric had an empty room for us to stay in.

New window being installed in Erics “jail cell” room. Perfect for us to crash in and hide from the children.

We stopped in at the MotoCafe as I think is required in the ADVrider.com bylaws and had a good chat with Frenchie there. Speaking of ADV’ers; once in awhile I read up on our twomotokiwi friends’ blog to catch up on their travels. I randomly to read it in Antigua, and coincidentally the Kiwis happened to be in town too! Great to catch up,  as we hadn’t seen them since Oaxaca city. Sadly they were in a holding pattern for awhile with Andi having broken some ribs in an off, and needing time to recover. As it turned out, Gene and Neda (ADV Lightcycle) were also in town (last seen in Baja California), relaxing after their adventures through the Caribbean! Throw in the local talent Julio (Guaterider), and we arranged a big meet up for dinner and to do some graffiti.

Dinner in the ceiling with a bunch of motoheads

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJaucnC_xms]

Having marked our territory, we had a great group catch up. I look forward to seeing these guys again down the road. Heal up Andi!

Antigua was the only place we had encountered Ultimate frisbee for a long while, so we made sure to play one last game before heading south. There were extra players in from the states volunteering at a charity, so it was a great send of game for us with great people.

Great game by the volcano, ending in a layout perfect rainstorm

To pack our short time in Antigua even fuller, we met up with Juan Manuel, a KLR owner who also owns a whiskey bar in town. KLRs and whiskey? Sounds like my kinda guy.

Jayne pretending to be shorter

It would turn out we had met Juan Manuel’s KLR before we even met him! (It’s the one on the right at Kawasaki)

We had a great time chatting, playing games and sampling his wares.  Wish we happened across him on a previous visit to town! If you find yourself in Antigua and love whiskey, infused rum, coffee or card games, stop in and say hi at the Whiskey Den.

Fun and games over, next stop El Salvador!