The Guatemala-El Salvador Border -La Hachadura crossing

Another in our series on borders. Information for the Guatemala-El Salvador Border at the La Hachadura crossing. Hope this helps anyone in their travels. We also use, and find it pretty helpful. (disclaimer: we’re writing this a month after the fact, memory is not perfect).

Total cost for one person and one motorcycle: 15$ US

What you need:

-Passport, plus 2 copies of the photo page (plus a copy later of the stamp they give you)

-Registration/title, plus two copies

– Drivers license, plus two copies

-Sister, no copies available.

“the border? Just follow us!”

After getting led for 30 minutes towards the border by men in uniform in the back of a truck, we wave goodbye and soon arrive at the border.

To leave Guatemala, your only costs are for photocopies. Go to immigration, get your passport stamped. Then to customs:

We stamped out the bike documents at the “in” door. It’s all one office, just pick the best parking.

The customs agent will come out, check the bike serial number, then give you paperwork to go photocopy. You need a copy of your canceled bike import document, and a copy of the stamped page they just put in your passport. You will need the page showing your bike has been stamped out of Guatemala.

Then to El Salvador. As with every border, ride past the line of trucks:

ALWAYS ride past the line of trucks.

A man will check your papers. He felt the need to write on ours. We let him.

yep, appear to be paper

Entering El Salvador is not hard, but is a bit slow.

Go to migration, where they will scan, but NOT STAMP your passport. You should have the CA-4 stamp from Guatemala, that covers you through to the exit of Nicaragua. But you still need to present your passport at migration.

Lean in close at the window, you can catch a bit of their air conditioning flowing out.

Then down to the Aduana (customs). They will want a copy of the page showing your bike exited Guatemala, along with your passport photo page, and bike title/registration. The customs agent will check the serial number on the bikes, and buy your sister an ice cream.

Take all this paperwork over to the office across the road where it will be typed up. CHECK THIS PAPERWORK THOROUGHLY. Our paperwork had more errors than correct info.  Once correct, sign the documents and you’re good to go..

After you purchase FONAT. They call it “seguro” (insurance) but really it’s a fund that helps the victims of automotives accidents. A small distinction maybe, but either way you have to buy it. 10$ for a month or 45$ for the whole year. Keep your reciept and the insurance card handy: they will check it when you leave.

A final police check once you’re on the road will result in needing to pay a community road tax of 5$. This might be specific to this border and/or a scam. but they give a receipt and the police would not let us go without paying it. Locals we talked to thought it was legitimate.

You’re done!

Welcome to El Salvador!