Bugs 1 – Jayne 0

I rounded a corner and there was the city skyline, with the sun setting behind it. At that moment I couldn’t help breaking out into a huge smile. THIS is what the Ultimate Ride is going to be like. Encountering all the beautiful views the world has to offer on the back of a motorcycle. SMACK – Intense pain on my face. Was it a rock from a truck whacking into me? A hailstone from a clear sky? No. A measly little insect.

I now know how car windshields feel. Bugs smacking into you at 110km/hr hurt. A lot.

To date in my distinguished 7 month career as a motorcyclist I have been wearing an open face helmet. I’ve been agonising about which full face helmet to buy, and been paralysed by the amount of choice and configurations available.

This helmet has no bug diversion device. Ouch.

This week the weather has improved dramatically so I’ve been going out on the bike every day, and Sunday I went on a motorway (highway to you North Americans) for the very first time. I wasn’t allowed on motorways on my little 125cc Yamaha in London.

Riding fast on a wide open road is fantastic. You feel almost like you are flying with the wind in your hair, the tarmac wizzing past your feet, and the bugs smacking into your tender cheeks. Bet superman never mentioned that little issue with flying around at the speed of light.

So, my mission for this week is to finally bite the bullet and purchase a full face helmet. I’ll let you know what I end up with.