Woo! Spring break! – Cancun

Cancun and spring break go together quite well. It’s a party town, and spring break brings the party. It also brings higher accommodation prices and couchsurfer hosts away on holidays. We knew it would be tough to find a place to stay during the busiest holiday in Mexico, but lucked out and got a response from Antonio!

One of the first stories Antonio told us was about buying his wave runner.

A Croatian who moved to Mexico after many travels, Antonio was very welcoming. We turned up late, after our delay fixing Jayne’s tire in Valladolid. During our short stay, Antonio toured us all over Cancun, showing us everything from where two men were recently shot, to the tourist malls, to the beautiful clear blue water at his favorite Cancun beach.

When in Cancun…

The beach is pretty amazing. you can see why they built hundreds of hotels on it.

Relax on the beach… until they squeegee hotel pool water on you and your things.

The water was clear, the beach pretty and white. The hotels… couldn’t be any closer to the beach. They are right on top of it. The parties were rocking in the hotels, with some patrons occasionally stumbling out into the ocean attempting not to drown while flirting with whomever they picked up for the day. As long as you looked forward, the view was beautiful. In fact you can see Isle Mujeres not far away, an island Antonio raved about as his favorite beaches with far less resorts. Had we not been heading to the bike fest, we certainly would have headed over to check it out.

I was put in touch with Julio, the organizer of the ‘Expobike Fest 2013′, and he set me up with everything: discounts for the ferry ride over, all the details, and the address of the biker bar in Cancun where his friends hang out. So we headed over to 666 bikers bar to check it out.

666: Great biker bar in Cancun. 1/2 price drinks for bikers!

The gang. In the morning, we ride!

We met tons of amazing folks at the bar, many of whom were also heading to the bike fest in the morning. We had a couple beers, looked at bikes and chatted for a while, then arranged to meet everyone in the morning for a group ride to Playa del Carmen to catch the ferry.

In the morning we said our goodbyes to our hosts and threw their awesome son Leo on the bike. Kids and motos are a great combo!

Antonio and family. Thanks!

Not being particularly swift at packing up in the morning, we had to rush to meet with the bikers. They were still hanging around waiting for others when we arrived.

Ready for her first group ride: To Cozumel!

10:30am hit, and on the road! Jayne loved her first group ride. She’s starting to turn more into a motorcyclist, and less of a traveller who rides a motorbike.

we’re all in a convoy…

…riding on our bikes!

Motorcycle minute: Jugs has some slowly wearing front suspension. I’ve noticed it for a while, and it’s gradually worsening. 82 000km will wear things out I guess. Something to be dealt with later.

Jayne had her oil changed and thus far hasn’t noticed any change in her oil levels. We’re keeping a close eye on it.