Hangovers and Flat Tires: Valladolid

Hangovers and Flat Tires: Valladolid

Gerardo had asked me earlier what my favorite drink was. I had explained that Gin and Tonic is my drink of choice. I love cocktails, but when it comes to just relaxing a having a couple drinks, that’s my tipple. I am told that my great grandmother was also fond of gin, and Phil likes it too, so it must be genetic.

Surprisingly for Mexico, the first round he ordered for the three of us was Gin and Tonics. After the gins, some shots of Jagermaester arrived, then more gins, then some Absynthe, and tequila – oh and don’t forget the beers he’d brought back from Columbia…

Our downfall.

We quickly learnt the consequences of couchsurfing with the owner of a pub! Gerardo and his pub “Absenta” (Absinthe in Spanish) welcomed us to Valladollid with a bang(ing headache)!

Me and Gerardo on that infamous night.

These guys were at the next table. We thought that WE had had too much to drink – at least we stayed awake!

Before the night where we forgot about the golden rule of not mixing drinks, Gerardo had parked our bikes in his spare house (he was in the process of moving a block away from his current house) and driven us around the city looking for the oil I wanted for my oil change. We must have gone to every shop in town, and eventually found it right where we started… Typical!

What I look like hungover in a hammock

Phil plays host to ANOTHER tick. I still haven’t had any. I guess they don’t like me.

The morning after the night before all three of us were feeling distinctly unwell. When we finally managed to drag ourselves out of our beds/hammocks, we headed into town for some good old Mexican fare. As is his wont, Alexander Tolchinsky decided to show up. He had been exploring Chiapas, and happened to be passing through Valladolid on his beeline out of Mexico. His 6 month tourist Visa was about to expire so he could not stay.

We recognize that bike!

After lunch, Gerardo took us to a local cenote. This one had a rope swing and was 87 metres deep! The swimming helped restore us to normality and we all felt a lot better on the drive home.

This cenote was open air rather than in a cave

Phil swings into the cenote

I pretend to be Tarzan

Phil and Gerardo after our swim

Hangover day meant that I didn’t change my oil, so that was high on the list of things to do the next day. Gerardo also drove us around again, to see if we could find someone to redo Phil’s seat. Phil has been riding on the stock seat this whole trip, and the foam that was added in Chapala is not doing the trick. Unfortunately there was no one who could help us until “mañana” aka tomorrow aka likely not tomorrow.

We reluctantly left Gerardo, a really great guy who made us feel very welcome and is really passionate about all that he does, and headed towards Cancun.

We didn’t get far. Before we had even left town, Phil noticed my rear tire looking a little soft. A quick stop at the next Pemex confirmed my fears: Another flat.

Phil checks Jugs’ tire pressure

A worrying metal spot detected on Cricket’s tire…

The culprit

Overall a pretty good place to change a tire. Especially the easy access to compressed air.

This is flat tire number 5 for us. We’re getting pretty good at changing tires. It was also incredibly fortunate that we stopped in that particular Pemex.

Another motorcyclist named Fabricio came over to talk to us and asked if we were going to the Biker festival in Cozumel that weekend. Biker festival? Cozumel? Mum and Dad left us a package in Cozumel… Things started to fall into place. Not having plans makes it so easy to change them!

We don’t have any pics of Fabricio, but we do have a pic of this guy. What a hero. He had a motorbike that he could roll his wheelchair onto and operate with just his hands. AND still take a passenger.

Spending an hour fixing the flat meant riding in the dark, which at one point led us to ride up the wrong side of a divided highway. Pretty scary. There are oh so many reasons we try not to ride after sunset, and that was a great reminder.

Back on the right side of the road, we made it to our next couchsurf in Cancun safely.