Three weeks in…

Today was one of the foggiest days I’ve seen in London. With this in mind what did I do? I rode Charlie to my Ultimate Frisbee tournament on the other side of London. I thought the fog would lift – it didn’t. It actually got worse throughout the day!

It’s been three weeks since I did my compulsory basic training (CBT) and I am feeling much more confident on the bike. I still don’t like being close to big vehicles like buses and trucks, and I am not confident enough to speed past lines of slow moving traffic, however today I managed to safely ride through difficult conditions and lots of traffic and that feels great.

I’ve made a few key purchases in the past three weeks, a pair of Alpinestars Gortex riding trousers and Hein Gericke riding boots (also Gortex and guaranteed waterproof). Those two items will be coming along on the Ultimate Ride.

I’m keen to buy a helmet, but am overwhelmed with the choices. For the moment I am wearing a Highway brand helmet that unfortunately does not have a visor over the face, it’s fine for now, but I am very aware that I need a better one.

The one I like most right now is this Shoei KR-1100

I think I need to do a bit more research though. Helmets are expensive and I am going to be wearing it every day for months and months, so it has to be right!