Swan dive – Acapulco

Cliff diving has dangers. You can hit the rocks. You can burst your eardrum. You can get a really bad wedgie.

The ride to Acapulco was short, but contained a couple snags. The first was trying to get our bottle deposit back, the second was Jugs dying at idle in the heat.

our alcohol problem: getting the deposit back.

At 10 pesos each, it’s a steep loss if you can’t get your bottle deposit back here, especially when the beer itself costs only 28 pesos. Unfortunately, they treat bottle deposits here more like you are buying the bottle. You can exchange for more full bottles no problem, however returning bottles to get your deposit is much more difficult. You only have a chance at a refund if you take them back where you bought them. It helps to have your name written down at the shop, but even then is not guaranteed. The lessons of Mexico as we struggle through the tough life.

Motorcycle minute:It was hot, and Jugs would die when stopped in traffic if I didn’t keep the revs high. Pulled over and shot some carb cleaner into the intake. 10 minutes later we were back on the road. Goobers blocking up one of the jets I guess. Carry on.

The police checkstop entering town was short and sweet:

Policia: “Where are you coming from?”

Phil: “Canada”

Policia: … *steps back, quickly waves us through*

I think that will be our answer from now on instead of just saying the last town we were in.

Coming to a radio near you: Christian.

We couchsurfed in Acapulco at Christians place. We were greeted by his roommate sitting on the can with the door open when we arrived. Amazing greeting, and immediately we felt welcome in their home.

Christian is a radio host here, and has a great radio voice. His pretty face could even get him on tv! While the radio man talked to the people, we stayed home doing some blogging, reading and general relaxation. These calm days are needed from time to time. We also took a walk around town and explored for awhile. Found a stationary store and got new pens and note books. Never in my life have I had so many pens run out of ink before I lost them. Exciting stuff!

Tourists at the Famous Acapulco cliffs

At night, Christian and his friend took us out to the cliff jumpers. Acapulco is known for it’s cliff divers. So we went to watch some young mexican boys ‘risk their lives’ for our viewing pleasure. It was worth my 40 pesos, more to watch them scamper UP the cliffs barefoot after they jump. In theory, the cliff divers have to wait until the waves are coming in to have deep enough water to dive into. Perhaps on a stormy day this would be the case, but during our visit the water level fluctuation might have been 60 cms at most. Regardless it was an entertaining 40 pesos of entertainment.

Watching them climb UP the cliff was more impressive than their jump off.

Followed it up with our favorite dinner: going to our hosts favorite local street meat. Thanks to Christian for our time in Acapulco!

Look below, there might be a small photo gallery!