The First Biker Girl - Puerto Escondido #2

The First Biker Girl – Puerto Escondido #2

“We’ve had quite a few male bikers through this hostel, but you’re the first biker girl who has ever stayed here. You need to sign the wall as the First Biker Girl.”

-Steve, owner of Tower Bridge Hostel, Puerto Escondido

The First Biker Girl placing one of our Ultimate Ride Stickers on the wheel of death in the bar. We’re #1!!

During our first stay in Puerto Escondido we didn’t see much of the town, so on our way back through up to Oaxaca city, we thought we’d stop for a night or two and see the rest of what the city had to offer us. We ended up staying for four nights.

We googled “cheap hostels in Puerto Escondido” and that search led to us staying at the Tower Bridge Backpackers. It doesn’t look much from the outside, but it was the best hostel we’ve stayed in so far. (Fair enough we’ve only stayed in three, but still this one is pretty awesome.) It has a huge common area with an open air middle courtyard, a bar, swimming pool, ping pong, pool table, couches and hammocks. Phil and I stayed in the dorm rooms for 80 pesos a night each and enjoyed our stay immensely.

The reception area of the hostel – looking through to the courtyard

As usual, it was the people rather than the place that pulled us in. There was a really fun group of people staying in the hostel, and groups of us went out adventuring together each day.

Joel from Red Deer just couldn’t compete with Phil’s succulent beard

This man is cycling around the world. On a Bicycle. With no motor. Respect.

The first night we’d had many people tell us that there was a Reggae night at a bar on the Point. We’d contacted Erik and Penny, our new friends who had found us via twitter and arranged to meet them there.

Unfortunately Davidson time, combined with Mexico time, meant we got there over an hour later than we had planned. The bar was empty. Sorry guys!

We went down the street and Phil tried his first Tlayuda – a giant filled taco. Somewhat like a Mexican pizza. When we got back to the Reggae bar an hour or so later, it was filled with people, including some new friends from the hostel. Unfortunately we never did manage to meet up with Erik and Penny again.

One of the most hilarious moments that night was when a scruffy young guy with blond hair and a very ill advised mustache came up to Kendall, one of the Australian girls with us, and shook her hand. He then walked away – without ever saying a word. Interesting pick up technique I guess… Phil and I proceeded to walk up to her and randomly shake her hand for the rest of the evening.

After that big night out, we spent our days out at the beach or on the water, and our evenings at the hostel.

The hostel had a version of giant Jenga very similar to one our dad had made for us when we were younger.

Bram, a Dutchman taller even than Phil, takes his turn at giant Jenga

This version had the blocks stacked five across and turned out to be too easy. New rules were made about being able to place blocks any place you wanted. The towers were still being stacked to the ceiling. Then Phil got involved.

Phil takes being part of the game to a whole new level

That evening a couple of Dutch guys convinced a group of us that we should all get up at 6:20am the next morning to go fishing and dolphin and turtle watching.

What we all look like at 6:20am in the back of a pick up truck

Sunrise from the ocean is not a bad way to start the day

Phil and Jesus in the morning

Our boat captain – Jesus

The boat ride started off slowly. The guy who had picked us up gave us to his friend and took off in a different boat. We headed out to sea, bleary eyed and waiting for something to happen.

The sunrise was beautiful, and then we started to see fish jumping out of the water. They seemed to have wings – we think they were some sort of ray.

They breathe air like we do.

A while afterwards we saw some dolphins beside our boat, but that was just a taste of what was to come.

We stopped in an area where there was hundreds of dolphins swimming all around us. Not only could we see the ones surfacing beside us, but if you looked into the water there were many more swimming beneath the surface!

Putting the waterproof to the test

One of the guys asked if we should get out and swim, but Jesus said that the dolphins wouldn’t come close to the boat if we did. I really regret not having jumped in anyway.

There were three fishing lines hanging off the back of the boat. In the end we only caught one fish, but we got to take it home for dinner.

It was thiiiiis big. (thx Alix for the pic!)

Phil had a lady on the beach gut it for us, and then the start of a plan for a evening meal came together.

Dutch boys know how to cook!

Using the ping pong table as a dinner table for our “catch of the day” potluck

Phil and the 2 Dutchies spent the afternoon at the market and cooked up a storm. Anya, our friend from the Sanctuary came over, and we had ourselves a feast!

There was much talk of making good use of the wheel of death which had been teasing us there on the wall of the bar. The boys spent quite a while coming up with rules or tasks for each number.

The wheel of death – made into a fun drinking game. With “The First Biker Girl” on #1

Everyone’s favourite (for other people to spin) was #2 – Get Wet. It meant you had to jump in the pool. Phil made it even better when he spun #15 – Make a Rule. His rule was that if you spun #2 you had only 5 seconds to jump in the pool.  The worst casualty of this was the guy who got tangled up in the trees, fell over and slid into the pool on his stomach over some rocks and concrete. Ouch!

Needless to say none of us felt particularly chirpy the next morning.

Puerto Escondido was a lot of fun, but not a lot of sleep. We needed to get out of there, and get to Oaxaca for some rest… Or not!