Slow ride, take it easy. La Ticla to Nexpa

Slow ride, take it easy. La Ticla to Nexpa

If you peruse our map, you’ll see that it’s not really that far from La Ticla to Nexpa. The Texas gents in Ticla recommended it highly however, so we decided to stop in Nexpa for lunch and check it out.

We stayed for a week.

Post dinner sunset at Mary Jane.

There are many beautiful places we have been, but the most memorable places always involve the people we meet. Nexpa was full of amazing people. Our fish burgers for lunch were also pretty darn good. So good, we camped out underneath the restaurant, “Mary Jane”, for the rest of our stay. Our ‘landlord’ Martin was one of the best.

I rented a board determined to learn to surf better. However at 150 pesos a day, it would be a one day surf expedition for me. or not.

Our neighbor Dean proceed to loan us his boards whenever we liked so both Jayne and I could go paddle in the water at the same time. Over the next few days, Jayne went from never surfing in her life to cruising a couple waves on her knees, and I managed to get up and surf a few times, getting more rides with each day we stayed. Folks on the water constantly offered helpful tips for surfing, and off the water great tips for where to stay further along on our travels. Thanks again Martine!

When not ‘surfing’, we were playing sunset volleyball, having bonfires on the beach, walking to the nearby river, playing ping pong down the street and otherwise socializing with all the temporary locals. I had great chats talking late in the night to several neighbors throughout our stay.

You should have seen the other guy… or perhaps I should have.

We also crossed off our official 6 month trip anniversary while in Nexpa. Not exactly where I would have placed my wager way back when we started. We celebrated with socializing, a bonfire and night-time frisbee on the beach. One minor hiccup when my eye kissed the light up frisbee, but even still it was a fantastic night.

Everyday we delayed our departure a little. “Maybe tomorrow”.

Fantastic neighbors! Fridge space, fruit smoothies, surf boards and great conversation for days. Gracias por todos!

It’s hard to leave with neighbors like these:

Dean had traveled the world surfing from a young age. He travels to Mexico for several months a year now, as do many of the folks we meet down here. Dean’s friend from when they were kids, Danny, came down to join in on the beach for a few weeks.

Sherry offered up fridge space for our food and drinks that needed to stay cold. Not a day went by without fruit smoothies or cocos being passed our way. We spent hours just chilling on the front porch, talking about the world and sharing stories. Can’t beat great neighbors like these. We will miss you folks.

Motorcycle minute:

no talcum powder? no problem. Tapioca powder works just fine.

Managed not to lose our tent on the road, by some dumb luck and a persistent bungy cord. We’ll have to keep an eye on the misbehaving tent in future. On arriving to Nexpa we met Jonathan, a part time local who was having some issues with a poorly running bike. Took a gander at it and noticed cracks in his intake boot on his carb. He shoe goo’d the cracks to seal them and it sorted out. Also fixed up his flat front tire. Was great to hang out with Jonathan and work on a bike that wasn’t my own! Friendly, generous guy!


From Nexpa we move on to playa Trancones. We had intended to stay with a couch surfing host there last week named Pedro… then we stopped for lunch. Fortunately he’s still happy to host us, and there’s a party to go to!

More stories in the photos below. And many thanks to all those we didn’t manage to get pics with for your part in making our stay in Nexpa so great!