The Cow and I in the Library

The streets of Brussels smell like waffles and chocolate.

I was fortunate to spend the weekend in Belgium earlier this month. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Brussels. I’d heard that it is a soul-less city of Eurocrats, I found it to be a city full of gorgeous architecture and wonderful food. On the first night we ate in a restaurant with this fine fellow hanging around outside:

Outside Amadeus restaurant in Brussels

I also spent a day in Bruges, which was quaint and the most picturesque place I have been for ages.

A walk through the Begijnhof, which used to be almshouses for wives whose (corrected for grammatical accuracy) husbands were fighting in the crusades, was almost magical. The sunlight through the trees and the daffodils made my heart fill with the gladness of spring. It’s been a long winter.

Almshouses and Daffodils

A lovely spring day in Bruges

Bruges is laced with canals and tourists riding in horse drawn carriages.

A canal in Bruges

Brussels and Bruges were both so much more than I had hoped. I love it when a place exceeds expectations. If ever you get a chance to visit either, do go! I leave you with a picture of me with the sign at the European Parliament written in every European language.

Every European Language

European Parliament