Back in the Saddle

Today I rode Charlie for the first time in weeks. The weather here in London has been pretty wretched, very cold with frost and ice as well at times.

Getting back on the bike (to work and back) was great. This morning the sky was blue and I really enjoyed zooming along. I didn’t so much enjoy the red lights and drivers who don’t look before changing lanes directly in front of me! I hope that this experience driving through London’s congested streets and navigating crazy drivers will make me a more cautious driver during the trip. It is just so important to be constantly├é┬ávigilant.

I am keen to get to Canada and start riding the big bike. I think the Yamaha is slightly too small for me (I’m 5’11”/180cm) and at 125cc I often am wishing for more power. I am loving riding so much on the little bike that the thought of a better, bigger bike is thrilling!

PS – In case you haven’t been avidly reading everything I post, Charlie is my Yamaha YBR125.