Mending Cricket

Mending Cricket

Phil and I had just been to  an REI in Orange County, California (the US version of MEC, an outdoors goods store) and were about to get on our bikes when a guy came up to us to check out our bikes. Turned out he was a biker too, and his name was Roger. Roger asked us if we had anything we needed to do to our bikes, as he has a machining shop. I mentioned Cricket’s broken radiator guard (same one that had broken and had been welded in New Mexico) and the fact I would like to shorten the side stand. Roger knew just the place.

I love parking lots.

Roger and his Trophy Truck

A day or two later I pulled up to Lawnmowers Etc, a business owned by a guy called Randy where Roger keeps his trophy truck.

What is a trophy truck you ask? Wikipedia to the rescue:

Trophy Trucks are the fastest class of off-road racing vehicles designed and built to resemble modern pickup trucks. Although any truck that meets the safety standards can race the trophy truck class, they, for the most part, feature long travel suspensions and high power engines. They are intended for desert racing, and are not street legal.”

Roger’s truck was in pieces, as they rebuild a lot of it after every race, however even stripped down it was very cool.


The store room for the rest of the trophy truck pieces

When I was just about at Lawnmowers Etc, a BMW GS1200 came down the road towards me. It was Roger! He led me to the shop, and then introduced me to Mikey, who proceeded to fix Cricket up beautifully.

Considering if I should swap bikes with Roger

Mike about to turn my radiator guard into a piece of art

While Mike was working his magic, Roger and I jumped on his bike to go grab some maps from the local AAA. Roger gave me a bit of a tour of the local area and we stopped at the beach for a photo. Turns out the AAA wasn’t open, but it was a fun ride anyway.

On the way to AAA we stopped the GS at the beach

Look we match!

When we got back, Cricket had a fixed radiator guard (no more rattling), Mike had installed my new footpegs, and the side stand was a centimeter shorter. What a productive afternoon!

All fixed. See the glorious new gusset? Also it’s now red.

Cricket’s new footpeg and shortened side stand.

Needless to say, I can’t thank Roger enough for all his help, and for being an all round awesome person. THANKS ROGER!!!! Also thanks to Mike and Randy for their excellent service!

Phil and I have decided we’re going to volunteer our services as support crew at one of Roger’s races once we’ve finished this adventure. :-)