THIS is why they call themselves TourMASTER.

THIS is why they call themselves TourMASTER.

“I ripped this bit when I crashed the bike.”

“Now why would you go and do something like that?”

“Just testing out the durability of the Jacket”

“You know we have machines for that…”

Derek Jayne and Eli. Remarkably all even in height.

If we were to build products for motorcyclists, we would want our customers to know that they were QUALITY products and that if there was ever an issue we would make it right. Basically, we would act like Tourmaster does!

Jayne had a broken zipper on her Tourmaster “Transition 3″ jacket. Annoying since we wear them everyday, and also frustrating because of how much research we had done before buying them – the Transition 3 came up as best value for money time and time again.

Jayne started an online discourse while we were in LA to try and have her jacket repaired before we left town. The problem was she needed her jacket to ride, and the warranty return/repair process took 10-14 days.

Eventually the conclusion was that the fastest way to get it repaired was to send it to  Tourmaster’s head office, their parent company Helmet House. As “Green Motorcycle, North America” doesn’t tend to work as a return address, we decided to deliver it in person. It rained the whole way there.

It was Friday afternoon, and when Jayne told the receptionist that she was there, without an appointment, to speak to someone about her broken pocket zipper… we realized that perhaps we may be out of luck. A friendly lady named Kris tried to track down some product people for us to speak to, however in the end we left the office to get back on our bikes with a still broken pocket.

As with all parking lots, someone walked over and started talking to us about the bikes and the trip. But more so: our jackets. And what was the issue we were having, and our general thoughts on them. Jayne showed him her broken zipper, and Phil noted how damp he was as the waterproofing in the jacket was leaking.

We had met Eli, who heads up Helmet House’s brands. Eli invited us back into the office for a coffee.

Derek the Jacket engineer checking out my jacket, about to try it on. Sure enough, it was too big.

Eli fetched Derek, who is a product engineer. He really wanted to cut our jackets apart and take a look inside. If Phil had offered him his leatherman, we don’t doubt he would have started slashing.

After fully examining the jackets, they apologized that we had had problems and brought us out new ones.

the “Transition 3″ jacket before and after, with Tourmaster product tester Philip Davidson

20,000kms is a reasonable test ride I suppose.

Checking the flight characteristics of our new Jackets

After many thank yous, we put on our new jackets, Phil’s blindingly bright, and headed back out into the parking lot to get on our way.

In the parking lot we decided to take a celebratory jumping picture, and as we were landing, another guy named Mark came out of the building. Eli had told him our story and he came out to apologize as well, and to say that our well worn jackets are to be shipped back to the factory where they are made, to be disassembled and evaluated. Perhaps Derek will get a chance to slash them up before they get sent away. Hope he does.

We can’t thank the folks at Helmet House enough, we went in hoping for a new pocket zipper, and came out with two brand new jackets and great new friends.

To Mexico!!!