My bike in a living room (L.A. part 2: Motorcycle Stories)

My bike in a living room (L.A. part 2: Motorcycle Stories)

In this second part of our two part series on L.A., I’ll focus on the motorcycle related aspects of our time here.

There’s lots of photo’s to peruse. We’ve bought parts, rebuilt the top end of my bike, changed and patched tires, ran batteries dead, dismantled suspension, changed electrics, learned to ride in sand and dirt. I’ve crashed a couple more times while taking the courses, and while the recent drops were actually a lot of fun and great learning experiences, repairing my bike from me breaking it is staaaarting to get a little old. That’s three windshields I’ve gone through now… I think I’ll just stop dropping my bike for awhile and save time and energy all around.

We’ve done a lot while here in LA, but we’re still struggling to tie up loose ends and get moving again. I’m back in go mode. It’s time to go.

Story time: Having just had my panier rack welded again moments earlier, I was riding along when I saw a biker on the side of the road,helmet off staring frustratingly at his bike. I’d been there before. So I pulled over and met Chad and his lady. His clutch was not clutching. Fortunately it was just a matter of opening the case and tightening a nut on the clutch plates. My metric tools were adequate enough to get them back on the road. After the uncountable number of times we’ve been saved while in need, it was nice to be able to lend a hand.

Below are some photo’s from the motorcycle aspects of our stay in LA. There’s one more story about motorcycles, or more specifically motorcycle gear. But that’s good enough to earn it’s own post… coming soon!