Welcome to Hollywood

Welcome to Hollywood

“Can you play Blame Canada?”

Phil was talking to a piano. There was no one at the piano, but a moment later the piano was playing the Southpark classic, all by itself. I love magic.

Erma the piano playing ghost was my favourite part of the Magic Castle, an exclusive Los Angeles club which you can only go to if invited by a member, and you must adhere to the strict dress code to be allowed to say the magic word and have the bookcase slide aside and allow you in.

Phil, Jayne, Delman and Nich outside the Magic Castle before we went in.

Of course, we couldn’t just go and have a lovely, classy evening. By 10:30pm we were, how shall I put it? – asked to leave. I wouldn’t be surprised if Phil and I are the only Canadians ever kicked out of the Magic Castle. Children read this blog, so I won’t go into details, but the Owl bar will never be the same, and contrary to the norm, it was more my fault than Phil’s. (I’m hanging my head in shame as I type this.)

It’s been about two weeks since we rode into the greater Los Angeles area, and true to form, we’re still here. Phil’s friends Cam and Delman have been excellent hosts, providing us with roofs over our heads, bottles of whisky and plenty of entertainment.

Playing Disc Golf with Cam and Quin

We’ve also been getting ourselves, and our bikes, ready for Mexico and beyond. We made a (VERY expensive) trip up to Solvang, where “KLR guru” Wyman Winn, upgraded Phil’s engine to 688cc. While there Wyman tightened Cricket’s head set that had stopped my dirt riding course the week before. While Phil’s bike was being worked on I installed my new light assembly (allows me to turn off my headlight), handlebar risers, anti-vibration mirror mounts and we also changed my tires to the new Avon Gripsters that I had strapped to Cricket’s back. Over $700 later we headed back to Cam’s place in Oxnard feeling a lot poorer. Must remember to ask the price first in the future!!

With Wyman after he rebuilt Phil’s engine in 5 hours.

Staying with Delman in his West Hollywood apartment has been like living in a combination of songs, TV shows and movies. I walked down Santa Monica Blvd every day, Melrose Ave is a few streets away and the Hollywood sign is as small as everyone warns you it’s going to be. 90210 is not our zipcode, but I’m told it’s just down the road.

Delman’s family invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them. The only complication being that everyone there was a “Delman” and so we had to try to remember to call him Andrew. Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday of the year in the USA, with more people travelling to visit family for this November turkey dinner than do even for Christmas! We could not have been made more welcome, or spent the day with nicer people. The dinner was delicious, and we once again are delighted to have made more friends.

The Delman and Davidson siblings on Thanksgiving day

Along the way we’ve played some more disc golf, and met up with a few of our camp mates from Burning Man.

The course overlooking General Hospital (from the soap opera) was a bit hilly to say the least! Roll disc roll…

We have also tried our hand at acting (a requirement of staying in Hollywood). Phil and I both star in an upcoming YouTube video. We will be sure to post it as soon as it’s uploaded.

A disguised Nick and Phil before the filming

Benny AKA “Dates women who have 5 cats”

It’s getting colder in Southern California, the time is near approaching for us to migrate South for the winter.

Bye LA – it’s been a slice.