Mice on cocaine

Mice on cocaine

My friend is a doctor. The science variety. We toured her lab. This is one of her lab mates stories (heavily paraphrased by me):

Once upon a time there was a mouse. This mouse was given cocaine every day for a month, then studied while it went through withdrawal. At specific intervals, the mouse would again receive cocaine with weeks and months between doses. This was done to test the mouses reaction to addiction and the speed of relapse, and the effect on the brain. After months of study, and another dose of cocaine, the mouse escaped in a cocaine fueled escapade, jumping out of the cage, sliding down a chair and out the open door.

Gone. Months of work, and one very high mouse, gone. Live traps were set, and with incredible luck, the next day the mouse was recovered… after chewing off it’s own arm.

Kids: don’t do cocaine.

Jayne and I visited Dr. Pam and heard great stories and explored her neat lab (though we didn’t go pester the mice.) She shared the story of her friends lost mouse (and thus useable data) after we talked about the University New York where they lost EVERYTHING. Compared to that, one high mouse is nothing. And compared to THAT, a couple holiday pictures from our lost cameras is REALLY nothing. It’s all perspective. We’re doing just fine.

Visiting Dr. Pam in Palo Alto was great, though Jayne and I were both quite run down. We managed a quick ride around to see Facebook and Google, but that was all we could muster. I was having crazy high fevers and night sweats, Jayne fighting a cold. In the morning we fought through and carried on out of the bay area… into the rain.

The highly touted California highway 1 was to be a highlight, sadly it was wet and dreary for us. The first time we’ve really seen rain in over 2 months, maybe the sudden shock made it worse for us. We took a wine tasting stop in Monteray because that’s what you do in California, but we really weren’t feeling great. More than anything it gave us a break from the rain. A recommendation from the wine stop took us to a nice restaurant called Nepenthe and our server Aengus combined with the mid-room wood fire to warm us up. It was delightful.  After dinner we rode up the black, slick highway and the rain let up for long enough to set up our tent in the dark, then poured all night on two sick siblings in the woods. Not our finest night.

Sun would find us for the rest of the ride to LA, letting us enjoy the beautiful coast and some stops to see the seals and Hearst Castle. The “Castle” is a rich mans play home with incredible art everywhere, multiple pools and manicured gardens. We didn’t quite find it worth our 50$, but if not on a budget, it’s a sight to see.

Camped near the beach and could hear the waves crashing as we went to sleep. We arrived early enough to dry out our stuff, and possibly to warm our spirits a bit as well.

Motorcycle minute:

-Our rear tires are bald. They’re going… going… going…

-I (again) fiddled with my windshield. It’s now flip turned upside down, and working the best yet! Minimal buffeting, clear view.

-Slow weeping from my head gasket continues. Plan is in action to have it fixed soon.