"Did you guys even consult a map??!" -Rabbit holding bondage bunny

“Did you guys even consult a map??!” -Rabbit holding bondage bunny

Did we consult a map?Yes. In fact we both had maps plastered all over our walls. But it’s a fair question. Consulting a map AGAIN recently, I see that our travels from Las Vegas to Houston to Joshua Tree reeeeaallly aren’t the most direct route. Like going from Vancouver to Portland… via Thunder Bay.

We were asked this question by a delightful Rabbit and his Bondage Bunny. Jayne and I had arrived in Joshua Tree just in time to partake in our second Halloween party of the season: This one full of burners. It was a blast!

A burner friend of mine, Kristen, lives in Joshua tree and put us up. So we had a great place to stay. She also works for the National Park there, so we had a great tour guide. Even met a desert tortoise! Jayne and I really enjoyed scampering around Joshua Tree. If you’re a climber (we’re not) this is a place to add to your list for sure. Thanks to Kristen and all her friends for making our stop so unforgettable!

Motorcycle minute ™:

My fan switch of northern BC fame, finally fully snapped somewhere just over the California border, and the engine started running hotter than normal. One of the quicker ‘fixes’ I’ve made this trip, since I had a spare fan switch with me.

I have started noting some more slight seepage at my head gasket… I think a replacement is in the cards for our stop in LA.

My chain streeeeeeetched a lot from Big Bend to Joshua tree. The end is near.

I’m getting buffeted a lot recently. I think that is in part due to more time spent on interstates, but I foresee a change sooner than later. The turbulent air is coming around the sides of the windshield, not over top. Not sure what solution I have for that yet.

Jayne’s bike has been running smoothly.

Drop score (est.) 18-10 Jayne. Though we don’t keep score so much these days.