Where's Waldo? At Monday Night Football with Kermit...

Where’s Waldo? At Monday Night Football with Kermit…

People’s faces lit up with huge smiles as we rode by. It was as if just our presence on the bike made everyone’s day a little brighter.

Made you smile!

In Phoenix we enjoyed the hospitality, and the bicycle collection, of Phil’s Ultimate Frisbee friend Dixon.

The only picture we have of Dixon. He’s a busy man!

We arrived on a Sunday evening, and went out to a local pub with Dixon and another of Dixon and Phil’s friends, Ebay (real name: Eric Bay). While enjoy the locally brewed beer, two more of Dixon’s friends walked in, Jaime and Danielle. These two lovely ladies instantly became our friends too, and invited us to go tailgating at Monday Night Football the following afternoon.

Monday morning we borrowed Dixon’s tandem bike to go play disc golf at a very nice local park (where I saw my first ever basket-in-one achieved by a local player). We then met up with the girls to head over to the stadium. The Arizona Cardinals were playing the San Francisco 49ers.

Phil teaching the ladies how Canadians drink beer.

Tailgating is a big thing down here in the USA!

Jayne may not be wearing red, but she’s getting the hang of it.

People bring tents, BBQs, chairs, games, even satellite dishes and TVs, to the area around the stadium and set up hours before the game.

We didn’t have tickets to the game, so just mingled with the others who sat in their tents watching the game rather than going in.

After the game, which Arizona lost quite resoundingly, our new friends joined us at a local bar, where we made many new friends, including Kermit the Frog and Waldo. (Also Canadians. There were A LOT of Canadians in Phoenix.)

Look at all our new friends. These people rock!

The next day we were feeling a little fragile for some reason…

The wonderful Jaime (third from the right in the above picture) took us under her wing, and showed us Old Town Scottsdale. Of course we took the mandatory jumping picture.

Jump with the cowboy


Jayne really likes Seguaros

Phil really likes horses. In fact that’s what “Philip” means.

That evening Jaime took us out to another bar/micro brewery where we met Neda and Tiffany, two more absolutely brilliant people.

Our two days in Phoenix were fun filled, and it is quite impressive how many wonderful people we met. Dixon, David, Jaime, Danielle, Brian, Josh and his lovely lady Bethany, Kermit (real name Greg), Waldo (real name Kyle), Neda, Tiffany and Jerry all made our short stay there really special. Thanks guys!!!