Glowing Fish and "Ancient" Cavemen

Glowing Fish and “Ancient” Cavemen

WARNING: This post contains mild caveman nudity. Read on at your own peril...

We left our Aunt and Uncle on the 23rd of October. We’d been in Houston for a few days longer than we’d originally thought. We were thoroughly spoiled with food and family and it was time to get back on the road.

We were waiting for Greg to jump on and join us.

That night we stayed in San Antonio with a great couchsurfing host, Greg. Greg is also a motorcyclist, who has previously owned a KLR. Despite feeling distinctly under the weather, he welcomed us warmly, took us for dinner at an Italian restaurant, and for a very long walk along the River Walk. The River Walk is a beautifully landscaped path and gardens beside a canal-like river. There’s art dotted along it, my favorite being these 6 foot, glowing fish.

Greg and Jayne join the fish fun

Our time in San Antonio was short and sweet. We left the next morning headed towards Big Bend National Park.

Camping at Seminole Canyon

As so often happens, sunset started approaching earlier than we would have liked, and we realised we could not make it to Big Bend in daylight. Rather than push it, we decided to stop for the night in Seminole Canyon State Park. Seminole Canyon was recommended to us by Uncle Richard, a highlight being that there were hot showers in the campground.


It was pretty windy, we set up camp and wandered off in search of the canyon.

Jayne found many treasures at Seminole Canyon.

Not as impressive as the Grand one

Did we mention it was windy?

Along the path to the canyon we found this:

A sign saying that naked cavemen had rested in that exact spot.

It was extremely accurate.

Turns out the sign was right!

On our way back to camp there was a very special sunset, where the sun became a tangible ball of light.

Jayne plays with the sun

That night the moon was very bright.

Next stop: Big Bend National Park.