They all say y'all with their Texas drawl. Spaceships, feasts and family

They all say y’all with their Texas drawl. Spaceships, feasts and family

Y’all sit down now and have a lil’ look see at these here photo’s. They tell the tale of a motorcycle duo visiting family in Houston. And eating. A lot.  And fixing motorbikes. We should really mention them more often. Oh and rocket ships. We saw rocket ships.

Couple more blurbs after the photos:

While a touch photo-lacking of the moment, this was the first time Jayne had ever met our cousin Eric. It was great that we had both Eric and Kip ending up in town all at once. Fortunate timing, good thing we didn’t show up when we planned to.

We did plan on playing a lot of ultimate. Finally putting that together, I’ve played some pickup ulti along with a couple rounds of disc golf. We’re living a sedentary lifestyle even with all the moving around the country. Sweating buckets in the Houston humidity after getting in that quick game up in Austin has been a welcome change.Workouts and yoga to come.

The bikes:

Oh the bikes. Jayne got her oil changed and tinkered with her packing set up. I tinkered a touch more.

I increased the angle on my windshield to give more head room and to hopefully lessen the wind buffeting (Oct 28 update: not working). I also moved the cigarette lighter plug so that it’s in a place that I can actually use it to charge while riding.

While the drill was out, I drilled holes in my right boot. Trying to prevent my feet from rotting in the intense heat and moisture, I added breathe-ability. To maintain waterproofing: I covered the holes with a Gore-tex patch and seam sealer. To make it a true science experiment: I didn’t drill holes in the Left boot… though that was really because I couldn’t find the other patch. Regardless in due time I will report back with these important findings.

With Uncle Richard manning the propane torch, I also bent out my right panier box (again). It was beginning to look precariously close to shearing off my brake line (again). I like my brake line. I like it a lot. Bending the panier out would turn out to have pitfalls however… more on this in a later post.

So we left Houston, all plump from Jessy’s amazing cooking, and head for a couch surf in San Antonio.