Playing with the Devil; Sleeping with the Flinstones

Playing with the Devil; Sleeping with the Flinstones

Why motorcycles were made.

There have been some fun roads on this trip, the road by Muncho Lake comes to mind, and we have seen some beautiful places,

“El Oso road”, Arizona. Dirt road to glory.

but none like the combination of the past week. The dirt road through the hills of Arizona was amazing (sadly Jayne didn’t share my feelings), now we followed that with winding pavement: “The Devil’s Highway” route 191 (formerly route 666) is by far the most fun stretch of road I have ridden on a motorbike in my life. Two hours of non-stop twists, turns and hairpins, all set in beautiful forested Canyon scenery (well, minus the enormous copper mine at one end). What made the road even BETTER, was that my motorbike was now fixed for the first time since the Alaska Crash. We didn’t have to pick our route based on how close the next major city was.

I didn’t have to worry my bike might start misfiring while in a precarious turn on the edge of a cliff.  I could finally just enjoy riding my motorcycle. It was a magical feeling.

There is no greater sign on a clear day.

The road was rough, the view was not.

You’d think girls would be used to hairpins

While Jayne doesn’t share my love of riding bikes for the sake of riding bikes (yet), she did improve greatly over the duration of the roads, and I found I was waiting less and less for her to catch up after I would go for a rip up the road.

Beautiful place to lay back and collect your thoughts at night.

The diversion to take the devils highway did take longer than anticipated however, and we found ourselves again scrambling at sunset to find a place to camp. Find one we did: the City of Rocks state park.

They might as well have named it Bedrock. Perhaps the Flinstones is based on this city. It is one cool place. A small “city” of giant boulders all clustered together in the middle of a large open prairie. At night, the sky darkened and the stars came out. All of them. They invited their meteorite friends to pop in as well. I lay on a big rock (not hard to find) and gazed up at the sky. I reflected back on the conflicts Jayne and I had encountered over the past couple days, then had my mind drift off to other, more happy places. I lay on that rock for a long time. It was peaceful. I made some wishes. We’ll see if they come true.

In the morning we would find out just how neat The City of rocks was. Check it out. Just off the I-10 west of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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