Land of Sugar and Pecans

I had maps of the Americas stuck to the wall in my London apartment for months before I left. I put small post-it notes on the places that we were definitely going. The Arctic Circle, Black Rock City, the Grand Canyon, these are all places that were marked on the map. Another place that I had never been was my Uncle Richard and Aunt Jessy’s house in Sugar Land, Texas (near Houston).

Last Friday, after a short, but tiring ride from Austin, we arrived.

Arriving at our Aunt and Uncle’s house in Sugar Land was a milestone of our trip.

We first told our uncle that we would be coming to visit them last April at our grandmother’s 90th birthday party in London. We’ve never been able to tell him exactly when we would show up. Even in Vegas we told him we’d be there in “5 to 7 days”. Weeks later we showed up on their doorstep.

Being here is like home away from home. We are fed copious quantities of delicious food, and sleep in our own beds. (Well our cousin’s beds, but they are both living out of town). Early last week they even took us out for a walk.

We walked beside a local Bayou, a small lake with turtles and ducks. They also showed us another treasure that could be found around the shores. Pecan trees!

Going nuts for nuts.

At first we just picked a couple up off the ground, and cracked them open to enjoy the deliciousness within. Soon however Phil was up in the trees.

Phil shook the pecans out of the tree, and onto our heads

Auntie and Uncle show us their nuts

Uncle Richard and I started filling our pockets like giant squirrels.

The first attempt at showing our nuts


A close up of our nuts

We ended up with a grocery bag full of pecans, quite a haul for a simple afternoon walk!

Our Uncle loves showing off his nuts

With such a big pile of pecans, there was only one thing to be done. I started baking.

Traditional Pecan Pie

Pecan pie with a layer of cheesecake in it.

The pies disappeared alarmingly fast. They were delicious!