Ultimate Austin

Ultimate Austin

Humidity was at nearly 100% the day we pulled into Austin, Texas. It was HOT and the traffic was the worst we have come across.

Going No Where Fast

One lesson that I am sure we will learn many times is that wearing our gear, we need to be moving to be comfortable in the heat. Being stopped in slow moving traffic is next to unbearable. Makes it more understandable why so many motorcyclists wear so little on their bikes. I still think they are fools, but I can understand it.

We arrived at a large house in a leafy suburb, with two pick up trucks  in the driveway. Welcome to Texas. We knocked, and the door was answered by a good looking man with a dog. Colton? Nope. Apparently the guy who had agreed for us to stay there was not home yet, and had forgotten to tell his roommates to expect us… Oops.

Phil called Colton, who unsurprisingly was caught in traffic, and Brad (the roommate) graciously let us two tall, smelly motorcyclists into his house.

There was a grand plan at the beginning of this trip that we would be playing ultimate frisbee in every town we passed through. The reality is our first Ultimate game together was played in Austin. Phil had found a pick-up game nearby. It was my first time playing in bare feet and I really liked it. Great group of people as well.

Proof that Ultimate has been played

The house the boys live in is pretty amazing. Nothing like the hovels so many people share in London. We had a choice of SIX couches to sleep on, each with their own personalities!

The entrance to the man cave


Pool table was acquired from Craigslist – the giant portrait of Colton? It does go rather well with the decor I guess…

Those pictures above the door are of all the former roommates who had lived in the house.

Once we were back from the Ultimate game, and showered, Colton, who also owns a motorcycle, took us on a cruise down to the grocery store and back. We formed quite the motorcycle gang.

Part of the gang – no helmets required in Texas!

Once we had showered, and were offering him food, Brad warmed up to us strangers from another land, and emerged from his room.

Colton, Jayne and Brad, there was another roommate, but never saw him, only heard him.

Brad turned out to be another awesome person. He’s built an app to help people with pets find hotel rooms. (Search for “Find Pet Friendly Hotels” on iTunes) and impressed me with his determination, ability to overcome adversity and genuine love of animals. He’s in the process of learning to code so he can build his own platform for the app. I predict that this man will go far in life.

Brad and Colton decided that Phil and I really needed to experience the local nightlife, and so took us to a place called “Barflys”. Cheap drinks and pool tables were the order of the day. We ended up playing pool until we were kicked out. I wish we had a picture of the couple we were playing pool against. A controlling, angry guy with his girlfriend, who was miserable, and I ended up feeling sorry for.  They made quite the couple.

After staying in the bar until closing time, we settled into the man cave back at the house to talk about air conditioning.

Needless to say, we had a late start the next day. We stopped at the restaurant Colton works in for lunch, and then headed for Houston. I started to fall asleep part way into the drive, so took a roadside nap.

Austin was exhaustin.

Turns out picnic tables can be quite comfortable when you’re tired enough!